Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker



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Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker

Tried and tested here in Hong Kong, this product is perfect for families that want something simple and easy to use for all ages. It worked really well in accuracy while tested in the heart of the city. However, we do need to inform you that since it runs the same type of signals as a cell phone, it will not work as well indoors, especially inside elevators.

Our suggested suitable age group for this product would be from 3 years of age and up. We love the large SOS button and the call quality is magnificent. It's something every family should have to put at ease when you're off to a carnival, large attractions, city roaming or anywhere that can cause quite a stress if your child runs off. The long battery life gives this product a big advantage as well. 

A great product for travelling, just one extra step after you purchase from us, is that you'll need to purchase a plan through their Weenect phone app and you're all set with your mind at ease. 

For more information that we may not have listed here, please kindly visit their website.  

Weenect Kids is the first device designed by Weenect. It is a GPS tracker that meets the 3 main parents’ needs (source: SFR study):

  • Find his kid in real time (worldwide network)
  • Be automatically aware of when his child enters or leaves a geofence (school, house, etc.)
  • Know that his child can reach his parents if needed as Weenect Kids is equipped with a micro and a loudspeaker (phone functionality)

The device is trackable from smartphones, tablets and computers. All the alerts are relayed through the application, emails and SMS (in option)

The tracker is given with a protection pouch resistant to water and shocks

The battery life is one week in intensive use (a position every minute). An automatic alert is sent when the battery level is low. Indeed, the autonomy is being improved; the duration should reach 2 weeks

Weenect Kids aims to help parents giving more independence to their children, by reassuring them about their safety

The in/out geofence functionality allows the child to walk by his own, in total safety. It empowers him and shows him the way to autonomy

It is necessary to add a subscription to make the geo-tracking service work (1 months 7€ / 12 months 50€ / 24 months 85€)

The box contains a Weenect Kids GPS locator, a USB cable and a water- and shock-resistant protective pouch.

  • Unlimited GPS tracking / No distance limit
  • Alert button / Voice call: ten minutes a month
  • Geofences alerts In & Out
  • Low battery alert (30% and 15%)
  • iPhone and Android app / Can be monitored by the entire family
  • visit here for the list of countries where the tracker operates 

  • CompatibilityApple iOS 7.0 or later
  • Android 4.1 or later
  • Web app for computer and smartphoneBattery1700 mA/H; 7 daysWeight55g / 2ozConnectivitySIM card included with the product
  • GPRS 900 / 1800 MHzSAR0.511 W/kg

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Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker
Weenect Kids - GPS Tracker

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