African Animals - Layering Wooden Puzzle



  • African Animals - Layering Wooden Puzzle
  • African Animals - Layering Wooden Puzzle

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A great challenge for children over 6 years old. You can definitely try at a younger age if they love puzzles. 2 layers of hidden animals in the forest will surely give you some peace and quiet while they're working to solve this puzzle. Also small enough to fit in your child's backpack or your everyday bag for travels.

Item Number: E6520
Suitable for Age from Hape: 6+ Years
Suggested Age from Wander Cubs: 6+ Years

How to play

Embark on a safari adventure to see what exciting animals are poking out to play in this colorful wood puzzle.

What do you think each of these animals likes best to eat? Do they drink a lot of water or just a little?

Contents: 1 Base, 35pc puzzle
Main Materials: Wood, Water based paint

Package Size: L: 29 x W 2 x H 30.5 cm
Product Size: L: 20 x W 1.3 x H 25 cm


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