English Alphabet Magnetibook



  • English Alphabet Magnetibook
  • English Alphabet Magnetibook

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The perfect down-time travel friendly toy, great to take to restaurants or on your next adventures. Like a book, just open the cover and they're ready to play. The cover even has a magnetic closure so you wouldn't have to worry about pieces falling out!

Item Number: J02712
Suitable for Age: 3-8YRS

Magnetic educational game in cardboard to learn the alphabet in English. Composed of 26 illustrated magnets and 104 letters magnets. Once the “book” is opened, the aim is to follow each card and place the matching alphabets onto the magnet board. A great way to learn to read, write and count!

Main Materials: Cardboard
Accessories: 26 Magnets + 104 Cards
Product Size: L: 19 x W 4 x H 26 centimetres

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