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  • Happy Hour Clock
  • Happy Hour Clock
  • Happy Hour Clock

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Tick-Tock, Tick Tock, "are we there yet?" they ask... Take this toy out and work out the time in hours and minutes to when you will arrive to your destination. At the same time, they can play the puzzle!

Item Number: E1600
Suitable Age: 3+ Years

This toy is great to play together with your kids while on flight counting the time and minutes upon arrival to your destination. For younger tots under 3, this is a great way to introduce the clock to them, getting to understand time and numbers by playing the puzzle. Time after time, kids will use this multi-tasking clock to practice hours and minutes, as well as numbers and colors. 

How to play

Identify the "big hand" and "little hand." Look for them on other clocks. Move the clock to show what time kids wake up, eat lunch, and go to bed. Start talking about hours and half hours. Then add in minutes. 

Main Materials: Wood, Water based paint
Clock Size: L: 30" x W 30" x H 3.6" inches
*This product does not come in a box by manufacturer but is packaged in an air tight seal. Will be shipped in a box supplied by Wander Cubs.

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