TRIO - Sort cards into similar groups of 3


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  • TRIO - Sort cards into similar groups of 3
  • TRIO - Sort cards into similar groups of 3
  • TRIO - Sort cards into similar groups of 3

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This is the perfect pack-in-your-bag and go kind of toy.  It fits nicely into a small pouch, ideal for the corner of your mummy bag however full it is.  The toy itself will assist in logical learning and by putting events in order the child will begin  to understand the relationships between objects in different stages.  It also paves the way for stimulating parent-child conversation as each theme is a treasure trove of potential discussions

Item Number: E6316
Suitable for Age: 4+ Years

Learning goals: Word development, Sorting logic, Visual memory

How to play

Sort the three similar cards together. Name each card image based on the identical symbol printed on the upper left corner. This helps the logical sets become more clear to the child. Initially, pre-arrange a few sets for the child. Later, shuffle a few sets for the child to sort. As the cards are printed on both sides, after mastering one side, change to the other side. Asking the child specific questions can help them find the right combinations. For example, "what do you take with you to the beach?" or "What shines in the sky?"


Contents: 21 image cards printed on both sides (14 groups of 3)
Main Materials: Wood, Water based paint
Package Size: L: 22" x W 6" x H 22" inches


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